HubSpot Certification

Ashley Aceto HubSpot Certification

I am officially Inbound Certified from HubSpot Academy! In these courses I learned why inbound marketing is so important to customers in this day and age. I am now educated in optimizing websites for search engines, the importance of a call-to-action, why social media is so important to businesses and how to delight customers. I am now ready to put what I have learned into action.


Hootsuite Certification

Ashley Aceto Hootsuite Certification

I am Hootsuite Certified! I have learned the fundamentals of social media, how to set up multiple streams for several social networks and learned how to create reports with Hootsuite’s analytics. I became certified through Hootsuite because I would like to manage a company’s social media accounts and this course has opened my eyes to many new ways to manage and engage through social media.