Aspiring Travel Blogger

One of my favorite hobbies is to travel. If I could take a whole year off, I would travel the world in a heartbeat. I believe everyone needs to experience places other than their comfort zones at least once in their lives. Traveling gives you a sense of wonder and opens your eyes to other places throughout the world. It makes you a more well rounded person and lets you see things in a different light.

Now, I haven’t traveled everywhere but in the past few years I have gone on quite a few vacations. I left the country this year for the first time and it opened my eyes to how people in other countries live. I got to experience different foods, languages, cultures and sceneries.

When I was in Cozumel, Mexico, I got to practice my Spanish that I’ve been learning for years. When put in real life situations I knew a lot more than I thought I did. I could understand most of what people were saying, even if I made them speak slower or repeat themselves a couple more times.

The perfect dream job for me would be employed as a professional travel blogger. It is the ideal job because you get to travel to many different places and tell all of your readers how amazing the destination is. You get to tell your own story and paint your own picture of how you want your readers to picture the place in their own minds.

Below is one of my favorite pictures of the sunset on the ocean I took on my last trip to Cozumel, Mexico.



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Scandal Fan


I am an avid viewer of the shows written by Shonda Rhimes, like Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder and especially Scandal. Every Thursday night I sit on the couch and anticipate what is going to happen next, because Shonda makes the most drama-filled shows with unexpected twists and turns.

Olivia Pope is the protagonist of Scandal. She helped out with Fitzgerald Grant’s Presidential campaign, got him elected and became a key individual in the White House. When she left to start her own company everyone in the White House was lost without her.

Olivia Pope is the smartest woman and she can accomplish anything. She has the most commanding presence in any room she is in. She is what type of person I look up to from her accomplishments in her career. She has a background in Law but she is the most skilled Public Relations professional the White House has ever seen. Any time there is a problem or issue Olivia knows exactly how to fix it; she even fixes problems before anyone knew they existed. Olivia fixes the issues with class and ease.

There is the best PR done for this show because Olivia’s character is so popular, a major corporation pursued her to have a clothing line based on her character. It is a best selling line geared toward the working woman at The Limited. The PR team has done a fabulous job because they have turned a fictional character into a brand many women follow. I want to be as savvy as Shonda Rhimes is in the way she incorporates her shows into everyday life.

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